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Wearing the black hat

Dec 15 2011 Published by under Careers, Life

When I was young it was pretty easy to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

The good guys often wore white hats. And always did the right thing.

The bad guys wore black hats. And/or were ugly. Or monsters. And were bad.

Then I grew up and the distinction between good guy and bad guy became... fuzzy.

In my daily life who is the "good guy" and who the "bad guy" is often subjective. It all depends upon who, if anyone, "loses" in each situation. Truth is, we all have to wear white or black hats depending on the circumstances.

This week I had to wear the black hat more than I would have liked. But it was necessary. There are people here who currently view me as the bad guy. That may, or may not, change as time passes.

I find being the bad guy hard. It's draining.

I hate being the bad guy.

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The new norm?

Dec 02 2011 Published by under Careers, Life

Of late I've had a hard time finding spare moments to blog. Life. It happens.

I have noticed that my professional life has been changing a lot over the past couple of years. It used to be I could spend days at a time not having to deal with anything other than my research. And the occasional bout of teaching. Now I find my time more fragmented. I'm attending more meetings. Running more meetings. Spending more time dealing with people outside my own lab group. Worrying about, and tending to, facilities that in the past were always just there for me to use. Learning to understand, and use, adminspeak*. I guess that's what happens when you get sucked in a minor leadership vacuum.

I do miss having longer, uninterrupted periods of time to devote to my research and lab**, but I can't say I dislike this "new norm".

Career advancement. It happens.

* Now that does get a little scary. Especially when you not only understand, but begin to use words like "incentivize".
** I'm not sure my lab peeps are too upset about me not being able to bug them as much.

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