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The nippleshirt is back!!!!!

Oct 26 2012 Published by under Careers, Life

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Time travel exists!!!!!

Oct 19 2012 Published by under Careers, Life

Or at least communication through time does.

How else do you explain all the d00ds, who are clearly living in the 1800's, commenting here?

What I want to know is how is it they know and can use the internet? After all, Al Gore wasn't even alive in the 1800's!

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DonorsChoose time!

Oct 16 2012 Published by under Life

Okay folks, it's that time again! Time to give! Give until your EYES BLEED!

That's right. It's DonorsChoose time once again. The Science Bloggers for Students challenge 2012 will run October 15-November 5. And we here at want to win. We want to grind those other collectives into the dirt. Humiliate them. Kick sand in their collective faces. We want to reduce them to whiny little babies running to whimper in the arms of their parental units.

For the sake of the kids of course.

It's time to start giving! To do so, click on the DonorsChoose widget on this page. Scroll on down a little. See it? Click on there and you'll land on my very own giving page. You'll see I've selected some projects to fund. Printers and sushi monsterss! A body and fish! Microbiohacking! What's not to love? Some need a bunch of moolah, others just a little to close them out. You choose.

But do give. Every dollar helps!

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Beginning of the end?

Oct 09 2012 Published by under Careers

I don't want to get all apocalyptic here, but I just got an email from the NSF telling me that they're going to be moving all NSF grant reporting (annual and final reports) from FastLane to

Is this the beginning of the end for FastLane?

FastLane is used for submitting, reviewing and administering NSF grants. One leg of that triumvirate is now being, at least partially, removed. The Feds have been pushing for all proposals to be submitted via (a system only a true bureaucrat could love). Indeed, for some time now one could choose to submit via FastLane or* Is the NSF giving in and beginning to dismantle FastLane?

* Not that any sane person would choose over FastLane.

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Scientopia is expanding!

Oct 08 2012 Published by under Careers, Life, Things that go beep!

We're expanding here at The first wave* of bloggers are up and running. Go on over and welcome:

Dr. Rubidium

We're excited to have them here!

* Yes, first. There are more coming. Stayed tuned!

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The five stages of grant writing

Oct 02 2012 Published by under Careers, Life

I've been busy the last few weeks with, among other things, writing a NIH R01 proposal. Along the way I got to thinking about the various stages* in the grant writing process...

1) Elation - Woohoo!!! I have this killer, sure-to-be-funded, knock-the-reviewers-jocks-off** idea for a grant! With all the preliminary data any reviewer could possibly want! I can't wait to get started!

2) Determination - Gotta write. Gotta write. Go away, can't talk now. Gotta write.

3) Anger - Funding rates are WHAT?!?!?!?

4) Denial - Who the fuck is going to fund this steaming pile of wombat crap?

5) Acceptance - What the hell. Let's just submit the bugger. They have to fund someone.

* I'm not the first:
** Yes, jocks not socks. It really is that good an idea.

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