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On writing reviews

Jan 16 2013 Published by under Careers

Today on the twits someone asked why people take the time to write reviews. Some replied that they found them extremely useful, particularly when trying to learn something about a new field/sub-field. This led to someone positing that maybe people write them as a service.

I doubt it. Reviews take a lot of time and effort. I submit that people only do it if there's something in it for them.

Personally, I think the main reason to write a review is to increase your name recognition in your field. Stake out your territory. Pee on the relevant fire hydrants.

Service to the field? Secondary at best. Maybe even tertiary after garnering the increased citations reviews tend to get.

What say you?

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NSF Reporting

Jan 02 2013 Published by under Careers

Back in October 2012 I reported that I had received an email from the NSF stating that they would be moving all grant reporting from FastLane to I mused that perhaps this signaled the end of FastLane...

Maybe not.

Over the winter break iGrrrl noted that was essentially FastLane 2.0.

So today I started work on an annual report for one of my NSF awards. I dutifully logged in to, clicked on the link to start a new report and...

...was redirected to the FastLane reporting system.

Works for me.

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Happy New Year one and all!

Jan 01 2013 Published by under Careers, Life

I hope the year brings you good things on both the personal and professional fronts. For my sciency friends, may you have enough funding, a continuous flow of good data, and a stream of publications.

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