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Data Hound is in the house!

Apr 29 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

Folks, we have a new blog here at Scientopia. Any of you with even a passing interest in NIH funding are going to be interested. Go say hi to Data Hound.

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NIGMS is on your side

Apr 18 2014 Published by under Careers

In an era when individual investigators sometimes feel like the world has it in for them, NIGMS looks like it's doing what it can to support as many of them as they can. 100 new RPGs might not sound like much, but it's 100 potential chances to keep labs open and PIs in business.

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NSF talks the talk, but walking the walk?

Apr 17 2014 Published by under Careers, Life

NSF is big on promoting diversity. It's expected in the broader impacts of proposals. It's a big part of their CAREER awards. It's a major thrust of their REU programs. The NSF really wants its funded investigators to play a role in making STEM a much more diverse enterprise.

But then they go and do this...

[UPDATE] If you would like to nominate someone - and more nominations is one way to overcome this - here's the NSFs web page on the award.

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