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#Ferguson Donors Choose Drive Part Deux

Aug 21 2014 Published by under Life

You done good folks. The original three projects were funded amazingly quickly. But don't worry if you didn't get a chance to offload some of those dollars burning a hole in your pockets. DrugMonkey has more for you to fund! Get to it. For the kids.

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#Ferguson Donors Choose Drive

Aug 21 2014 Published by under Life

If you've been looking for some tangible way to support the people of Ferguson, Missouri, head on over to DrugMonkey's and check out the Donors Choose options. For those that don't know, Donors Choose is a non-profit that partners with school teachers to raise money so they can buy stuff for their classrooms. Ferguson is classified as a high poverty area, so the teachers there need such exotic stuff as binders and paper. That's right, the kids don't have access to enough paper. You know you can spare a few. Go give.

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Scientific instrumentation

Aug 18 2014 Published by under Things that go beep!

If an instrument doesn't make a cool noise, or at least ping!, it's worthless.

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Rule for responding to reviewers #1

Aug 11 2014 Published by under Careers, Life

When reviewers don't understand what it is you've written.

When they





Nine times out of ten it's because you just haven't done a good enough job explaining it.

The tenth time it's because the reviewers are lobotomized cretins who've made ERRORS OF FACT!!!!!11!1!1!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!

And you just haven't done a good enough job explaining it.

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Something to think about

Aug 08 2014 Published by under Careers

When writing a manuscript you should be writing for the audience you want to reach. That may not be the same thing as writing for experts in your sub-sub-field or your super-duper-ultra-specialized methodology.

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