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Why Fund Basic Research

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You know how some publisher's web sites let you download a pdf of a paper with supplementary material included (usually after more clicks than necessary)? And of course others don't? Why isn't the combined paper + supplementary material the default?*



* Let's set aside the asinine nature of supplementary material for the sake of this discussion.

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Twelve (Sporadic) Months of Odyssey (2014)

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Following DrugMonkey's lead on this meme...

It's been a fairly sparse year for the blogging here. Life and all that. But here's what I have:

January: Over the years I've been involved in quite a few collaborations of various sorts.

February: So PLoS has this new data sharing policy.

March: A number of recent happenings (to name just two the PLoS data sharing mandate and tweets that led to @MyTChondria's guest post over at DrugMonkey's joint) have got me thinking...

April: NSF is big on promoting diversity.

May: Nada. Zip. Nothing blogged.

June: People who drive in the left lane on the highway at or below the speed of people driving in the right lane.

July: There's a lot of advice that can be given on surviving your tenure track years.

August: When writing a manuscript you should be writing for the audience you want to reach.

September: Nada. Zip. Nothing blogged.

October: I'm sure many of you are quite aware of the ongoing kerfuffle surrounding the ASBMB's president and his recent comments.

November: NSF's review process determines which research has the greatest potential.

December: By special request from Twitter's favorite kitten...


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Everybody Hates You: Holidays in Academia Edition

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By special request from Twitter's favorite kitten...

So, what do you all hate about the holidays in academia?

The kitten can get us started:


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