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I'm a molecular biophysicist in a biochemistry department. In a college of medicine. I have blogging since 2005, first at Blogger here, then for a few months at LabSpaces here, and now here at Scientopia.
I'm here to blather on about things that interest me, including science, beer, science funding, and beer. And I'm Australian.

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  • Kendall Powell says:

    Dear Odyssey,

    I'm working on a news story for Naturejobs about the responses to D. Noonan's post on workforce issues. I'd like to include some ideas from your post "Til death do they part". Please email me if you'd be willing to be interviewed by phone for my article. My deadline is Wed (March 2) evening.

    Kendall Powell

  • drugmonkey says:

    Fascinating Kendall. I very much look forward to the part of your news story where you examine the role of GlamourMag pub chasing in driving the ever increasing lab size (and therefore the unending need for more and more funding) that is necessary to remain at the cutting edge. And the way Nature and similar journals are as much, or even more, at fault for the lack of viability of the small town grocer type of laboratory these days.

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