Jeremy takes on his soon-to-be-former employer

Feb 23 2011 Published by under Careers

We all have heard about the plan to abolish NCRR at the NIH. A lot of people think this is a bad, bad idea. Now Jeremy Berg, head of NIGMS, has come out swinging (also see here) noting that the process itself has been overly hasty, ignores input from the community and has side-stepped the SMRB, which was set up specifically to provide input on big NIH decisions. Doesn't matter whether you favor abolishing NCRR or not, something is really stinky in Bethesda.

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  • drugmonkey says:

    I particularly like the way Berg was supposed to have arrived at an informed opinion as to whether NIGMS should take a major, Congressionally sensitive program between 5:30pm and 9:30am the next day.

  • Katharine says:

    I smell a shitstorm.

  • drugmonkey says:

    It is funny how some seemingly modest changes in the way NIH does business require a long period of public input/comment, endless regional meetings and two years to go forward and then this effort to shutter an entire Center goes forward at light speed.