I'm still alive

Mar 10 2011 Published by under Beer, Life

Work, travel and life in general have kept me from blogging recently. Here are some thoughts:

Beer 501:
People asked for brown ales. I had to travel. Perfect, thought I. I will sample brown ales in my travels. Wouldn't you know it, none of the fine establishments graced with my presence had any. Other than Newcastle, which is a rather boring brew. They did however tend to have some rather fine pale ales. 🙂 I suspect pale ales may be next after all...

And, I have dispatched a roving researcher into the field. My piratical older brother, JollyRgr, is currently working his way through SE Asia sampling beers at a furious pace. Look for a special report soon. Which, hopefully, will be followed up by a second report on Australian beers (Fosters = Australia's Bud).

Delta, you suck.

Hotel toilet paper would make great fine grit sandpaper. Even the stuff in the four star hotel I was in.

Apparently a 15 year old girl can get a bottle of nail polisher remover through security. And use it on the plane. While at 30,000ft. one really does not want the smell of such a highly flammable solvent wafting over the head rest of the seat in front of you...

Atlanta airport sucks. Sure, there are worse, but it still sucks.

So does Delta.

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