Fun with search terms

Jul 07 2011 Published by under Life

ProfLike Substance and Cackle of Rad recently had some fun with search terms that led people to their blogs. Here's some of my recent ones:


Are you a pirate? How's the parrot?

should i send an unsolicited letter of r

Alas WordPress cut off the "r"-word. So it depends.

writing nsf grant proposals sucks

Not if they're funded...

reu i do not like lab

That's a problem. Talk to the PI running the program.

psychoactive ingredient in budweiser

That would be one way to make it more drinkable I guess.

all would rather you didn't blather

But, then what would I do?

mother feeling guilty as she's far from

Another one WordPress cut off I suspect. Far from what? Should she be feeling guilty? Or should you? Have you called her recently? Emailed her? What kind of son are you? Dude, stop trolling around the intertubes, give her a call and send her some flowers. Poor lonely woman is probably weeping into her cup of tea as you read this you selfish git. Buy that airline ticket right now and go visit her. She gave birth to you you know. Forty-nine hours of labor I hear. And you weighing 14lb 6oz and all.

asshole mcb cp cops

Not sure what "cp cops" are, or why they're assholes. I'd avoid them if I were you.

can i have lots letters to read

Well, you could start an REU site program. You'll get a lot of letters with the applications. But be careful what you wish for. You might be better off with a few prison penpals...

do belgian monks always chug their beers

Not knowing any I couldn't say. Does seem like a waste. Personally I enjoy my beer far more if I take my time drinking it. Then again, perhaps monks are all ex-frat boys. After all, the German monks invented doppel bocks as a form of "sustenance" to be consumed while fasting for Lent...

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