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Sep 13 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Has anyone ever used an online manuscript submission system that they liked using?

Are ambivalent about?

Or are you like me and find them all to be varying degrees of painful? In fact, I'm proposing a new law...

Odyssey's law #12:
The higher the impact factor of the journal, the more user-unfriendly the online submission system.

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  • Marc says:

    The highest profile journal in my discipline literally just has one page, minimal instructions, and a place to upload the manuscript. As if to say, we don't need to provide instructions, you should know.

    Most of the other journals use the same system with minor differences. I don't know if it's good or bad, you just get used to it.

  • GMP says:

    I love the submission system for the AIP journals (Applied Physics Letters etc), the British IoPP is also not bad.

    Regarding your law, it reminded me of an anecdote: my postdoc was applying for faculty jobs last fall. Lots of places required that the letters of recommendation be uploaded electronically. The worst looking, poorest functionality system I encountered was that of the bar-none No 1 school in our (very very technical) field. That's also the only place where I had to submit more than once because of the mysterious failure of the files to upload, failure of them to issue confirmation of receipt etc. So it looks like your law may be extendable beyond journal submission systems.

  • drugmonkey says:

    How did you know I've been cursing one of these systems this week?

  • Respi Sci says:

    I too have been cursing this week. Uploading the actual manuscript was a breeze but I can't believe the time it took to enter each individual author with corresponding affiliations, addresses, contact info and disclaimers. There wasn't an option to copy and paste from the previous author....sigh