Big news!

Oct 20 2011 Published by under Life

Now I understand why so many of you have been holding off on giving to Donors Choose! The Board of Directors of Donors Choose has announced that they are going to match every donation made between now and the end of the Science Bloggers for Students challenge on Saturday October 22 (that's just a couple of days away).

Here's how it will work:
-At the end of the three day period, all dollars donated in that period will be totaled, and the Board of Directors will match those dollars.
-The number of dollars will be divided by the number of people who donated, and gift codes will be issued to every donor (via e-mail) for an equal share of the matching dollars. So, if 100 people donate $10,000, each donor will receive a $100 gift code.
-Individuals will, in turn, have the chance to apply the funds to whatever classroom project they choose.

Double your money folks! Give generously and often! But most of all, give!

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