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Oct 21 2011 Published by under Life

My kids went off to their various schools. Schools where they are receiving a good education. Perhaps not perfect, but good. My daughters are soon going to start work on science fair projects. They're lucky - they have a scientist for a dad. Most kids don't of course. Most kids rely on their science teachers to help guide them. Science teachers who work hard to help the kids understand science. Teachers who work hard to bring science alive.

My kids go to good schools with reasonable resources. Unfortunately many, many schools don't have anything even approaching reasonable resources. In those schools you have hard-working, enthusiastic science teachers trying to bring science alive without the resources they really, really need.

Some of those schools don't even have enough tables and chairs for their students. How can they even think about using scarce resources on teaching science if the kids don't even have chairs to sit on?

You can help. Some of you already have. Please give to Donors Choose. Even a few dollars can make a difference.

Give soon. The Science Bloggers for Students challenge ends tomorrow.

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