The return of Beer 501 with #dinnerdare pairings

Mar 13 2012 Published by under Beer, Life

It's been a while - a long while - since my last Beer 501 post. I've been meaning to get back to those. Now I have an excuse.*

A number of people in the Twitterverse have decided to participate in a little challenge with the hashtag #dinnerdare. They're basically trying to out cook one another. Some of the participants are listed in ProfLikeSubstance's post on the challenge. ProfLike and Isis, the reigning blog cook-off champ, have been engaging in some friendly banter that has resulted in ProfLike firing the first shot with a guacamole recipe.

Now I'm no great shakes in the kitchen, so I won't be participating. But here's what I can do. I will suggest a beer pairing for each dish that is blogged as part of the challenge. Stayed tuned - I'll put together a post or two once more recipes are posted.

What better way to restart Beer 501!

* Not that I really needed one.

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