Research project versus research program

May 16 2012 Published by under Careers, Life

A research project is to a research program like a chapter is to a book.*

Having a chapter is good, but if you want to make tenure you'd better be able to demonstrate that you're working on the book.**


* A choose your own adventure one. But with the ability to pursue multiple story-lines simultaneously.
** With luck it will take your entire career to write it.

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  • Someone I know was denied tenure for exactly the reason that--while it was quite successful--her lab was working on a single project and had not developed a program.

  • drugmonkey says:

    PP, are you saying this person was pumping out as much in the way of papers that anyone could expect ("successful") but that they were all too closely related to a common theme?

  • […] We're not trained to teach. Or manage people. Or manage a lab budget. Or serve on committees. Many are not trained to write grants. Or devise and run a research program. Program, not project. […]