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Jun 20 2012 Published by under Life

Gerty-Z's post yesterday had me off looking at recent search terms that led people to my blog. Always something good for a laugh...

the value of research
Various permutations of this almost top the list of recent searches. Alas I suspect you've been led to the wrong place. Don't get me wrong, I do believe there is a lot of value in research. I just haven't really blogged about it. Perhaps I should.

evernote lab notebook
This tops the list of recent searches. Not so long ago I had a post about electronic lab notebooks and a commenter noted Evernote was a possibility. One of my trainees talked me into trying it. So far so good. There will be a post in the future on this. Not promising when.

how to brew beer to taste like a german
Ummmm, perhaps just take some fairly tasteless beer, like Bud, and steep a German in it? Be sure to get the Germans permission first.

lab is flailing
If you're:
a) a tech - start looking for a new job.
b) a trainee - run.
c) the PI - you're screwed.

how to wear a black hat
Call me old fashioned, but might I suggest on your head?

nsf sucks/nih sucks/research funding sucks
No/No/Yes, if you don't have any/enough.

data fairy
Wouldn't know where he is. Honest. I'm not the type to have him chained to the bench or anything...

Okay, better go back to work. If the awesome data piles up any higher I might drown.

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