Money money money

Aug 22 2012 Published by under Life

Hey folks,
Some of you may have noticed we now have some ads on Scientopia. Look over there on the right. Believe it or not, it takes $'s to run this place. And so far all of the costs have been shouldered by one very generous member of the collective. We want to do what's right and raise the money necessary to a) pay that person back, and b) pay for the operating costs of this joint. The PayPal button (also to the right) was our first baby step in that direction. Now we have ads.

They're not particularly obtrusive. And can be quite funny. The first two I spotted on my blog were for a "stop drinking" program and for hops. Eerily appropriate. Later there were ads for pint glasses. And that "stop drinking" program again.

Anyway, that's the deal.

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