Beginning of the end?

Oct 09 2012 Published by under Careers

I don't want to get all apocalyptic here, but I just got an email from the NSF telling me that they're going to be moving all NSF grant reporting (annual and final reports) from FastLane to

Is this the beginning of the end for FastLane?

FastLane is used for submitting, reviewing and administering NSF grants. One leg of that triumvirate is now being, at least partially, removed. The Feds have been pushing for all proposals to be submitted via (a system only a true bureaucrat could love). Indeed, for some time now one could choose to submit via FastLane or* Is the NSF giving in and beginning to dismantle FastLane?

* Not that any sane person would choose over FastLane.

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  • iGrrrl says:

    Sorry for the archeology (Twitter suggested I follow you and I was procrastinating so followed up), but if it hasn't come up in the last few months... is an expansion of FastLane, and NSF is heading up the development of it as the system for federal research grants. was built for things like HUD block grants, and back when it was introduced, a lot of people wondered why the feds didn't just use FastLane. was because it had to accommodate every kind of federal grant. is intended to solve that problem (eventually). Supposedly it will include NSF, USDA, and maybe NASA, iirc from the NSF regional meeting last summer.

    • odyssey says:

      I hope you're right - that would certainly be a relief. I'll find out soon enough since I have a NSF report due this month.

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