DonorsChoose time!

Oct 16 2012 Published by under Life

Okay folks, it's that time again! Time to give! Give until your EYES BLEED!

That's right. It's DonorsChoose time once again. The Science Bloggers for Students challenge 2012 will run October 15-November 5. And we here at want to win. We want to grind those other collectives into the dirt. Humiliate them. Kick sand in their collective faces. We want to reduce them to whiny little babies running to whimper in the arms of their parental units.

For the sake of the kids of course.

It's time to start giving! To do so, click on the DonorsChoose widget on this page. Scroll on down a little. See it? Click on there and you'll land on my very own giving page. You'll see I've selected some projects to fund. Printers and sushi monsterss! A body and fish! Microbiohacking! What's not to love? Some need a bunch of moolah, others just a little to close them out. You choose.

But do give. Every dollar helps!

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