Hate to say I told you so, but...

Apr 30 2013 Published by under Careers, Life

I did. It doesn't take a Nostradamus to see that the kind of thing Drugmonkey is talking about is going to become all to common. Current funding levels simply cannot support the biomedical research enterprise we've become accustomed to.

The next few years are going to be interesting.

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  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    Interesting and depressing......We are leaving the comfort of it 'will happen to someone else' to realizing that 'it can happen to me'.......

  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    And by 'comfort', I don't really mean something that's 'comfortable'. Awesome science that gets thwarted by backwards thinking douchebags is never a happy thing.

  • Had dinner with some colleagues, one of which said that he had not seen anyone really suffering professionally due to sequester. I was taken aback, but realized that some of us live in bubbles of prosperity. I don't know how, but we should try to get the word out beyond the blogo-twittersphere.

    • odyssey says:

      I'm not sure I've seen anyone here suffer as a result of the sequester yet, but of the funding downturn in general? Oh yes.

    • AnonPI says:

      Wow, this is surprising. I guess I am pretty far outside those bubbles of prosperity, being at a soft-money institute with only ~6 mo of $$ left and apparent total lack of concern by administration. I think they are trying to get rid of us.

      • DrugMonkey says:

        Administrators are notoriously clueless about what is happening and blame investigators. If you can't get a grant, you must suck and the Uni is better off without you. Smaller research institutes are even more clueless b/c they fancy themselves the upper crust of science, impervious to reality. So yeah, they don't give a shit about the small fry

        • AnonPI says:

          100% true, DM. And they make that clear to us.

        • AnonPI says:

          They don't seem to recognize that if everybody leaves due to lack of bridge funding and salary support they won't be in the upper crust for long.

          • drugmonkey says:

            Administrators seem to think the strong will survive and they will continue to leech off the strong (only). They might be correct, as we've all noted, even at $29 or $27 billion, the NIH extramural operation is hardly extinct. Hope springs eternal that the mid-career who gets extinguished can be easily replaced by promising ESIs. Could be, could be....

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Last minute saves, bridging funds, hunkering down.....these things keep up appearances for some time. Maybe it is related to the institution type, local BSDs' klout with Program.. I don't know. At some point, like now, the cracks become clearer to all. The last minute saves are gone.

  • Potnia Theron says:

    Interesting only if you have alternative options, or are good at creating them. Heartbreaking for some.

    • odyssey says:

      I didn't say "interesting in a good way"... It's going to be rough for all involved, including myself.

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