I hope your mother doesn't find out...

Oct 11 2013 Published by under Life

Or maybe I do. Maybe that would be best. After all, it is a parents job to teach their children how to behave...

So there's this dude Ofek, apparently blog editor over at biology-online.org, who needs a good talking to from his mother.

You can read about Ofek and his behavior over here. Please do read it. Behavior like this has no place in our lives.

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  • JollyRgr says:

    A talking too from his mother probably won't work with an attitude like that.......clearly he doesn't respect women or people in general for that matter!

    He's just an oxygen thief

  • Origami Isopod says:

    Uh, so his mother was entirely responsible for socializing him? How about his father?

    • odyssey says:

      I believe mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers, co-workers etc. are all responsible in some way for helping us all to better socialize. This is a "it takes a village" kind of thing. However, and perhaps I'm buying into stereotypes too much here, I imagine Ofek's mother (and other women) will better understand the magnitude of his actions and convey that to him.

      We live in a society where "whore" is used as a weapon against women. There is no equivalent for men. If someone were to call me a gigolo for refusing to write for free it would be laughable.