Climbing ponderable

Apr 25 2016 Published by under Careers, Life, NIH

People often refer to a ladder when discussing ascending through the ranks in their careers. I prefer to think it's more like rock-climbing* - there's not necessarily one route as implied by a ladder.

Be careful not to tread on the fingers of those below you and don't forget to point out the hard-to-see hand/foot-holds.

No point in getting to the top if there's no one left following to witness it.


* It's still an imperfect metaphor. Also, I'm no rock-climber.


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  • qaz says:

    I like it. Especially because we can use ropes to help each other up. (Including belay ropes to catch you from falling.)

  • Ass(isstant) Prof says:

    I like it as well. Climbing has varying degrees of risk and rewards those who keep their wits about them when risk is high and the route is difficult. There is even room in the metaphor to indicate use of unethical means to gain the summit, or just poor style.

  • drugmonkey says:

    Some have belay ropes but many do not qaz. And those on belay tend to throw boulders at everyone else.

  • Ass(isstant) Prof says:

    My suspicion is that the boulder trundlers are those already at the top of the wall, including those who may have arrived by an easier route.

    For real climbing, it's not even a suspicion. I've had to take cover from boulders pushed by yahoos who walked up the backside of the mountain, but never from another climber.