What is an editorial board?

Jun 22 2016 Published by under Careers, Life, NIH

What do you think the role of an editorial board should be? Not what you observe one to be, but what you believe it should be.

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  • BenK says:

    A group of people ('editors') who 'edit' a journal? Say, read submissions in their journal and related journals, think about the quality of writing, organize submissions into larger, sensible aggregates, commission commentary on submissions which are either very important or somewhat obscure, manage review, enhance the quality of the writing and figures ('editing'), support data deposition, and promote communication among authors and readers?

  • EPJ says:

    Make sure that the papers submitted go through the needed process on time, including the simple solution of requesting another copy of the paper from the authors when a member of the board can't remember what door he put in. That way it doesn't delay publication that contributes to the appearance of more efficiency from another group, particularly when done in different species. Weird situation but it happens.